Unlock the puzzles of UAE's Value Added Tax (VAT) effortlessly with our team of expert professionals. We'll decode the complexities, ensuring your compliance and understanding. From scrutinizing invoices to renewing contracts, we'll pinpoint whether your business fits into the mandatory or voluntary registration categories. Let us be your VAT compass in the ever-changing landscape of taxation.


Definition of Value-Added Tax (VAT):


Value-Added Tax, commonly known as VAT, is a consumption-based tax. Unlike income taxes, VAT is imposed on the purchase of goods and services. It is levied at every stage of the manufacturing and distribution process where value is added to the product.

Customers typically bear the burden of VAT on their purchases. Businesses are responsible for collecting VAT and remitting it to the government. Non-compliance may result in penalties or legal consequences.

VAT stands as the predominant form of consumption tax worldwide. Adopted by more than 150 countries, including members of the European Union, Canada, and New Zealand, it plays a central role in global fiscal frameworks.


The Evolution of VAT in Dubai:

VAT was introduced to Dubai in 2018, marking a significant shift in its fiscal landscape. It encompasses both online and traditional in-store purchases within Dubai's jurisdiction.

Effective January 1, 2018, the UAE mandated businesses to register for VAT, obligating them to collect and remit the applicable amounts to the government. This initiative marked the inception of VAT in the Middle East region.

The establishment of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) was pivotal in overseeing the management and collection of federal taxes, including VAT. The implementation of VAT aimed to diversify government revenue streams, facilitating the provision of essential services such as healthcare, recreational facilities, and waste management. This strategic move aimed to reduce the reliance on oil-derived income, aligning with broader economic sustainability goals.


Why Cleritbiz for VAT?


Tax Residency

Embark on the journey to secure your tax residency with the guidance of our adept tax advisors. Whether individual or corporate, we'll navigate the intricacies to ensure your compliance with the Federal Tax Authority.


FTA Portal and Documentation

Step into the digital realm seamlessly with our assistance in setting up your online account via the FTA portal. From document preparation to submission, our seasoned accountants are by your side, ensuring adherence to FTA standards every step of the way.


VAT Registration (TRN)

Let our experts handle the complexities of VAT registration for your business. We'll assess eligibility for exceptions and guide you through the process, culminating in the issuance of your Tax Registration Number (TRN) certificate.


Tax Consultations

Unlock bespoke tax solutions tailored to your business needs with personalized consultations from our qualified tax experts. Navigate the maze of tax planning while maintaining impeccable compliance with expert guidance.


VAT Returns

Keep your finger on the pulse of your VAT obligations with our quarterly reports. Our dedicated team prepares comprehensive VAT returns, empowering you to make informed decisions regarding VAT payable or refunds.